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Energy Cure and Clean Environments

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At present, many environments are in a state of imbalance, due to external factors (location, neighboring buildings, electromagnetic interference, water veins), internal factors (people's mental field, ancestral land energy, electronic equipment) (negative energies, obsessors or demands).

Depending on the intensity of these factors, people or residents may feel the resonance of these energies more intensely in their physical body, in their emotional state, in the difficulty of sleeping, in their relationship with partners, in limiting the sale of the property among other aspects.

These are just a few of the possible factors that can influence the energy of a place and its inhabitants, but all of them create energetic changes in environments and in people living in them, through the interaction between these unbalanced energies and the human energy field.

 Sick (local) environments are those where the energy flow is obstructed, stagnant, or polluted. In any of these cases, people who attend such an environment / place become contaminated as well.

The treatment of the environment can then help clear the excess, modify the energies and bring the balance of energies to the physical location as well as to the people who inhabit it.

The following are some of the harmful effects that sick environments and exposure to the above stresses can cause:

- Depression

- Headaches

- Sleep Disorders / Insomnia

- Fights and discussions

- Obstruction of the energetic flow of family / household prosperity

- No absorption of vitamins and minerals by the body

- Nervousness

- Creative block

- Stagnation and professional difficulty

- Stress

- Tension caused by external demands

- Difficulty concentrating, among others.

Course Objectives

The course of Energy Cure and Clean Environments aims to enable the person to identify, treat and transform the energies into imbalance of environments, through methodology and practice involving mainly reiki, apometry, dowsing and geobiology.

It will also help each person to answer some basic questions, such as:

Is your house on an underground water table?

Do you receive negative energy influences from people, obsessors or demands?

Do you sleep on geopathic lines and network crossing Hartmann?

Do you stay for long periods in areas with telluric energies?

After the course the person can:

- Identify places contaminated with negative energies and heal them

- Identify and balance geopathic tensions

- Change the energy of the environment through reiki and apometry


The course will be conducted with a handout, graphics and, mainly, the practical part in the different environments where many of the imbalances mentioned above will be identified, as well as the modification and cure of them.

Through the method employed, provide the person with conditions to identify, measure and modify energies through dowsing, using stones, crystals, other specific objects, as well as reiki and other vibrational techniques.


Many topics will be covered throughout the course, including the following:

- What is Geobiology;

- How to use the dowsing to make the diagnosis;

- How to use the resources used in Geobiology;

- How to use the pendulum, dual road and other objects: Tips and Graphics;

- How to identify the points and nodes of imbalances in the environment;

- How to use Radiesthesia and identify energies in the environment;

- Measurements in internal and external environments;

- Clean and heal environments through shamanic energy, symbols and appropriate techniques.

Methodology and Prerequisites

The course will be held from Friday to Sunday, and we will be sharing technical and theoretical knowledge through the different types of techniques, tables, pendulum, as well as stones and crystals. Through tables and spreadsheets, the theoretical part about the identification / measurement and the different types of measurements that we can perform to obtain various information about the types and the condition of the energy in our houses, commercial rooms, companies, etc., will be demonstrated. Each person will learn to identify the energies in the environment and transform them.

Emphasis will be placed on practice where, on the last day of the course, an energy cleansing will be performed in the selected environment.

It is fundamental as a prerequisite that the person has initiation into some reiki system. It will be important that you know how to use the pendulum, and if you have knowledge of traditional apometry or initiation in Star Shamanic Apometry, so much the better for the use during the course.