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Portal Reiki Xamânico Estelar - Nazareno Sabino - Geobiology


15, 16 e 17 de março - Porto Alegre/RS Cura Energética, Limpeza de Ambientes e Geobiologia


Geobiology explores the different relationships of the environment and the health of living creatures. It studies the flow of energy from Earth and through these studies it is possible to identify the geopathologies, which means Earth's diseases. This science also studies the electrical and electromagnetic contamination, toxic materials used in constructions and the radiation effects as well as Earth's radioactivity in houses or workplaces.

Sick environments (places) are those where the energy flow is blocked, stagnant or polluted. In any of these cases, the people who go to such environments/places end up being contaminated as well. But not only the Earth and the Cosmos produce energy that interact with living creatures, keeping them healthy or even generating diseases. 

Besides that, constructions, electrical and electronic devices, electrical network of railways, roads and houses, transformers, high voltage lines, many objects that surround us, the mental field of people and invader energies of spiritual nature may affect us harmfully. 

Following are some harmful effects that sick environments and exposure to geopathic stress, as mentioned above, may cause:


- depression.

- headaches.

- sleeping disorders/insomnia.

- fights and quarrels.

- obstruction of the energy flow of the family/home prosperity.

- non-absorption of vitamins and minerals by the body.

- anxiety.

- creative blockage.

- stagnation and professional difficulty.

- stress.

- tension.

- concentration difficulty, among others.


Some of the most common causes of such disturbances are:

* Water reservoirs in the subsoil

* Energy nets.

* Geological scarceness.

* Large metal masses

* Electrical pollution


These are just a few of the possible factors that may influence the energy of a place and its inhabitants, all of them create energy changes in environments, as well as people who live in these environments, this may happen through the interaction between these unbalanced energy and the human energy field.




Course Objectives

The course will help each person to answer a few basic questions, such as: 

Is your house located over a mass of underground water?

Does it receive influence of electromagnetic and electric radiation fields and harmful waves discharge?

Do you sleep over geopathic lines and crossing of Hartmann network?

Do you stay long periods in areas with telluric energies or harmful zones?

- identifying places contaminated with negative energies and healing them.

- identifying and healing geopathic stress.

- directing the energy flow into a specific purpose.

- installation of Buddha Columns.

- objects to be used for healing and harmonizing the environment.



The course will be conducted with booklet, graphics and, mainly, the exercising part in the different environments, where it will be identified many of the unbalances mentioned above, as well as the modification and cure of all of them.

Throughout the method used, we will be providing each person conditions to identify, measure and modify the energy with the use of radiesthesia, crystals, stones and some other specific objects, as well as Reiki and any other creative visualization.



Many topics will be covered throughout the course, including the following:

- What is Geobiology;

- Science and mysticism;

- The instruments used in Geobiology;

- How to use the pendulum, dual road and other objects: Tips and Charts;

- How identifying the points and knots of environmental unbalances;

- How using Radiesthesia correctly and identifying the energy of the environment;

- Measurements on internal and external environments;

- Geopathic cleansing, programming and healing.



Nazareno Sabino

Electrical Engineer, Stellar Shamanic Reiki Master, Floral Therapist and Vibrational Modifier.


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