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Initiation of MikhaEl-Michael

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 Initiation Of Mikhael - Michael the Archangel of the Blue Light

Michael the Archangel is considered the Commander of the Workers of the Light and he shares his leadership side by side with Metatron the Archangel, Melchizedek the Archangel and Enoch.

Many human beings here incarnated-so called "Stellar Seeds", have come to apply their mastership by learning through duality, as well as rescuing most of their soul's attributes. However, throughout their journey, many of them can be lost in the Matrix of the illusion, but not only by their own ego and also by many other paths that lead them away of their true mission. For many souls or seeds it is a part of their experience in their earth level to connect at any moment with their assignment before the beloved Michael the Archangel. This assignment is centered in unleashing their chains and accepting and recognizing their personal Power, as well as helping the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Order of MikhaEl to accomplish The Holy mission here in our planet.

It is the Order of MikhaEl's duty protecting the several existing universes, as well as managing in justice and fairness all the administrative data of the activities within all levels of all the universes. Now, when the New Age is being born right here in Earth, here it comes the Order of the Eternal one, so there can be the union of all kingdoms: angels, human beings and elementals, all of them in great enthusiastic cooperation in the best effort of accomplishing The Holy mission. In obedience to this order, the archangels are coming closer to us human beings, bringing not only their love, but also their enlightenment and service, as well as a nice description of their world, including their work and activities, which ends up helping us evoking our decency, legacy and origin.




The Course

This course was idealized, "received" and adjusted with the vibration of Michael the Archangel and the Brotherhood of MikhaEl in order to help awakening everyone that may feel the calling within its own heart, either its soul or star seed memories before the vibration of the Blue Light, the Blue/Golden Sword and MikhaEl''s Conscience.

There will be two days of intense work, learning, practical activities, meditation and significant sharing with everybody that will be participating in order to have a deep and special reconnection with everyone's personal wisdom and truth.

It will be a lovingly celebration where each one's heart will feel a vibration of peace, joy and even some certainties that could have been hidden so far.

During each stage of the course it will be given the opportunity to unleash obstacles, registers, memories, beliefs and any other energy that may be overcrowding the expansion, the connection and the achievement of each person before its very self mission. It also intends to bring the personal Power to each one's conscience, as well as the necessary vibrational expansion in order to reach the union of the light frequencies.


In order to do so, we shall enter several topics as follows: 

- The beliefs related to the historical Michael the Archangel and before the many religions as well;

- The several historical Orders connected to the church and the ones we may have already taken part in some other time/journey;

- Characterizing the difference and the vibration between the names Michael and MikhaEl, as well as the exact meaning of this Order;

- Characterizing the main Brotherhoods of Light;

- Defining what light frequency is, its relationship with the Blue Light and every way it is associated to our system of bodies;

- Defining the meaning of the Sword of Michael and how it is going to be activated for our very own purpose;

- Co-creating the Pyramid of Power of the fifth dimension in order to convey the self accomplishment and the cure of many conflicts;

- Activation of the symbols of the Order of MikhaEl and the Sword of Michael;

- After accomplishing all practical activities during the course each person will receive its initiation directly from the Order of MikhaEl.

In this way, many beliefs and paradigms will be broken, which are necessary to the ultimate activation of the internal power and the Sword of Blue/Golden Light, which has been stored deep within our system as a powerful weapon in hibernation process. Everyone will be activated with the respective cosmic codes and the necessary vibrational frequencies, along with the Blue Light connected to the Order of MikhaEl, performing then a new change in each one's lives, previous to the planetary quantum jump that soon approaches.

The moment of those who have always belonged the Order of MikhaEl to return in this time has now come and also the time of rescuing their true ancestral codes in order to fulfill their mission in Earth.

The objective is that each person may be sympathetic and with the intention of receiving what is theirs for their own merit and love.



“ I saw in the presence of my eyes an Immense Galactic Battle to clean the higher skies. 

I saw Michael leading the forces and the Warriors of the Light... and it was given him a great sword of light and power".

The Galactic Commands of MikhaEl gather together as a union to form a Pyramid of Knowledge and Guidance... the Wakening of the Mission and its own Purpose.” 

Accepting the gift of the Sword of Light of Michael the Archangel means you will be always using the Holy Will, Truth and Word, in order to overcome adversity. It shall guide and protect you while you travel through the way of illusion into the way of true light and its real essence.

During the course everyone will be prepared at the energy level in order to be able to receive the connection of the Sword of Light, as well as the very symbol that will activate this energy. The Sword will become an asset now recognized, a gift and also recognition of those who may feel the calling to continue their journey by using this vibration of Truth and Power.

It will also be good as an instrument of self-purification and help for everybody that may need some disengagement, release and freedom.


Course Goals

- Adjusting our true cosmic register from our origin, not only sidereal but also universal;

- expressing our true Holy matrix of co-creator through our multidimensional conscience;

- transmuting a few of the codes that we have improperly absorbed while experiencing duality;

- recognizing our true Holy identity along with the Order of MikhaEl - Michael;

- resuming and activating our true attributes of Power, Faith and of the Order;

- accepting our true lineage as children of the Source;

- releasing contracts of the soul;

- consciousness awakening;

- connection with the Hierarchies of Michael the Archangel;

- receiving and being able to anchor the sword of Michael;

- setting free the limiting beliefs and memories;

- adjustment of the Blue Frequency/Light;

- initiation into the Order of MikhaEl - Michael.


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