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Portal Reiki Xamânico Estelar - Nazareno Sabino - Sacred Travel to Peru/Machu Picchu

Sacred Travel to Peru/Machu Picchu


Follows a special invitation to a journey to Peru and the Sacred Mountain of Machu Picchu.



It will be an initiatory journey, with a well defined to align ourselves to the energy of the Andes, the Inca culture and an opportunity to experience their culture and traditions purpose. In addition, we will be playing and accessing our ancestral memories and pass by an expansion in the various energy work that will be carried out in that region.

The roadmap will provide visitors, among them:

- In the city of Cuzco and in some of its archeological sites,

- Visit to the Sacred Valley of the Incas,

- Meet various energy vortices of power,

- Know the City Crystal Arco Iris - Machu Picchu, where we make connections with known portals that mountain,

- We will visit the Titicaca and Amantani Island Lake where we stay with host families and make a shamanic experience.

Firming this purpose, we are making this move to take over a group and with the accompaniment of native guides, who will lead us in sacred places. We will at the same time carrying wheels curing, experiences and meditation in various locations.

We will also have activities:

- Workshop in the Sacred Valley of the Incas: The Mission of your Soul;

- Meditation in some temples (Korikancha and Saqsayhuaman)

- Experience of rebirth in a cave,

- Connection to the waters of Titicaca,

- Shamanic experience on the island of Amantani,

- Meditation and Consecration / start in Machu Picchu, among other activities.

We will have a free day for shopping and visit the fair in Pisac and the municipal market of Cuzco.

It will be a beautiful celebration, along with a group will be formed by vibration and affinity for this purpose, so that we can experience and make the most of the 11-day trip to Peru.

Released: 06 Abril/2014

Return: April 16


For those who feel the call and wish to receive more information about the complete script, investment, payments, deadlines and registration request via email:

 Limited vacancies.

In peace and light

Nazareno Sabino