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Portal Reiki Xamânico Estelar - Nazareno Sabino - Sacred Journey to the Atacama Desert and Easter Island

Sacred Journey to the Atacama Desert and Easter Island

Dear friends,
There is a special invitation for a journey to Easter Island and its ancestral history.


After traveling to Peru, Bolivia and Mexico with groups formed from several cities in Brazil, we are starting the new movement for 2015 ::
It will be a trip with a purpose of knowledge and experiences in many places and temples, in Hanga Hoa, in the four quadrants of the island and, especially, with the Moais.
The itinerary will provide visits, among them:
In the village, market and the Museum of Anthropology;
The archaeological sites of Orongo and the crossing of the man Bird, the 7 Explorers and the 15 Moais;
We will do shamanic work with local healers in caves;
We will know the history of the rapa nuis and the ancestors of the island, through stories and experiences;
We will trek on the island;
Among many other activities and connections.
Continuing on purpose, we are making this move to lead a more group and with the accompaniment of local guides, who will lead us in some sacred places. We will be at the same time, performing healing wheels and we will do activities, such as:
Meditation in some temples,
A Rapa Nui ceremony, where each person will receive an ancestral consecration;
Shamanic healing wheel with bonfire;
We will know the culture of ancestral peoples and much more.
We will also have free days for shopping in the city's municipal market, to go to the beach or to sail around the island.

Exit: October 17/2015
Return: October 24
(8 days)


Limited Jobs.

In addition to the cash payment at a discount and the bank installment (5x), there is also a discount for couples and groups, and part of the land value can be paid in up to 12x in the card, for the payment.
For those who feel the call and wish to receive more information about the complete itinerary of the trip, investment, forms of payment, deadlines and registration, request at this email:

Peace Light

Nazareno Sabino