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Portal Reiki Xamânico Estelar - Nazareno Sabino - Sacred Journey to Egypt with Initiation of MIKHAEL-Archangel Michael

Sacred Journey to Egypt with Initiation of MIKHAEL-Archangel Michael

In this trip we will have the opportunity to enjoy and know not only the culture and temples of one of the oldest civilizations of the planet, but also to participate in the course of Archangel Michael.

This course was idealized, "received" and tuned into the vibration of Archangel Michael and the Brotherhood of MikhaEl to help awaken, to all who feel the call in their heart, their records of the soul and stellar seed before the vibration of the Blue Ray , the Blue / Golden Sword and the MikhaEl Consciousness.

It will be two days of intense movement, learning, practice with the fifth dimensional pyramid (5D) and sharing with all who will be present for a deep and special re-connection with your own wisdom and truth. The course aims to bring not only knowledge, but especially vibrational tools that will make a difference in the spiritual journey of each person, as well as offering the opportunity to undergo a deep expansion and energy cleansing and many old contracts, including with people from Egypt.

And on the second day of the course we will make a pilgrimage to the pyramids, where each person will receive stellar initiation in the Order of Archangel Michael / MikhaEl in the queens' chamber. Certainly an experience that will be recorded in your memory of the soul.

In addition to the course, the Nazarene Sabino guide will be accompanying the entire group throughout the trip to conduct other meditations in temples and facilitate the energy process. We will have the opportunity to access many ancestral memories in various places to be visited during this journey and to expand and awaken our consciousness.

Among other activities and places, we will visit:

- The pyramids of Queops, Quefren and Miquerinos

- Cairo with its architecture, museums and fairs

- The Library of Alexandria

- Archangel Michael course with initiation in the chamber of the queens in the great pyramid

- Luxor

- Valley of the Kings

- Temple of Horus

- Nile River Cruise

- Temple of Isis

Sharm El Sheik

Formation group.

Output: 18 de Maio/2018
Return: 02 de Junho
(15 days)


Ask for the complete script and other information through from email:

Guide responsible:
Nazareno Sabino
(nahui olin tzintzin)