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Portal Reiki Xamânico Estelar - Nazareno Sabino - Shamanic Apometria

Shamanic Apometria

18 e 19 de abril - Osório/RS
02 e 03 de maio - São Gabriel/RS
23 e 24 de maio - Caxias do Sul/RS
13 e 14 de junho - Valinhos/SP
27 e 28 de junho - Balneário Camboriú/SC

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The Multidimensional Connection with Entities of Light

The APOMETRIA term was given by Dr. José Lacerda De Azevedo, who graduated in medicine at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS - in 1951.

Dr. LACERDA has adopted the term APOMETRIA (from the Greek, "apo" = in addition to, take apart and "metron" measurement), which represents the classic unfolding between the physical and the spiritual bodies of the human beings. It is not precisely mediunity, is just a technique of separating these components.

The Apometria is an unfolding technique that can be applied to everyone regardless of health, age, state of mind and any resistance offered. Is a common method, easy to be used by persons properly authorized and trained. It always presents an effective result in all patients, even in the deepest conflicts.

The Shamanic Apometria is a reunion of classical Apometria (created by Dr. Lacerda) and the Quantum Apometria developed by colleagues Carina Grecco and Rodrigo Romo.

Shamanic Apometria uses the same basics and techniques, but with some other symbols of healing, protection, guiding, clearing obsessions etc, all based on shaman, stellar and orishas energy.

This technique aims the well-being, the balance, the expansion and the healing of the Human Being.




Shamanic Apometria

Shamanic Apometria is not tied to any religion or dogma at all; it is related only to Christ and Cosmic energy, Light Fraternities and Commands, as well as the vibration of the 4 elements and all the living creatures bound to nature. This is the origin of the "Shamanic" term, indicating the vibration with the ancestors, healers, animals of Power, space shamans and even the Orisha line, who are also linked to this sacred healing energy, giving it support.

At the Shamanic Apometria the frequencies of light (symbols or holograms) will help and give support to various forms of cleansing, guiding, clearing obsessions, removal of ethereal elements and spells, among other healing ways, as well as mental, emotional and physical balance.

This will help the therapist protecting him and not necessarily losing power, bringing yet a new multidimensional approach of how we can access portals and help the many energies involved, as well as the planet.

The purpose of this work is to act with emotional, psychic and physical healing covering the areas of clearing obsessions, past lives, soul redemption, removal of invader energies, bodies and chakras alignment, cleansing and sweeping of subtle plans, parallel realities and anchoring energies of the Hierarchies of Light. In the Shamanic Apometria, other techniques and therapies may also be used simultaneously, such as Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy and floral therapy among many others.



•    Getting the person started on the technique of Shamanic Apometria;

•    The technique of Unfolding Bodies;

•    How to apply the Apometria in hands-on exercises;

•    Guides, teams and masters who will give support to the work of shamanic Apometria;

•    The Shamanic symbols of Apometria that will be used to give protection, expansion, cleansing, guiding energies and cure for one selves, to the planet and to other people;

•    How to use the new symbols of Apometria with Reiki and other healing techniques;

•    Opening portals;

•    How to apply the Apometria in our ancestral line;

•    The animals of power in Apometria;

•    Removal of implants, chips and other devices;

•    Cutting and releasing ancestors, karmic bounds, spells, votes, contracts;

•    Reconnection with the higher self and alignment with the personal Holy Mission;

•    Connection to the vibrational net of the body and Buddha/Atomic panel;

•    Dematerialization of blockages, reconnection and activation of the Holy flow of Abundance;

•    Individual initiation with vibrational expansion and cleansing of the subtle bodies in order to be able to anchor the new energy.


Who can participate

The course will be open to everybody with or without experience of other kind of initiation. In particular, to therapists, to Reiki members, massage therapists and health professionals.

Material: each participant will receive a certificate of participation, CD with booklet, shamanic songs and several other articles and eBooks for reference.


Information and registration