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Portal Reiki Xamânico Estelar - Nazareno Sabino - Stellar Shamanic Reiki

Stellar Shamanic Reiki

LEVEL I: Awakening the Shaman Star

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LEVEL II Master: Awakening the Master of Light

22, 23 e 24 de maio - Osório/RS (c/ Almirando Camargo e Walquiria Lobato)
14, 15 e 16 de agosto - Presidente Lucena/RS (c/ Nazareno Sabino)




The Stellar Shamanic Reiki can be translated as the integration of the universal cosmic energy with the energy of the 4 elements and the healing symbols and the personal vital power. It acts with the purpose of modifying the energy and the vibrational system of the person, releasing records and memories written into the cellular memory and the chakras. The more we awaken our own conscience the greater will be our change and even more intense and profound it becomes the ability of helping ourselves, helping others and the whole planet itself. In a time when we seek the understanding and the integration of our critical consciousness, the Stellar Shamanic Reiki system is an alternative and efficient way of changing ourselves, bringing answers and new understanding. 

Within the line of Stellar Shamanic Reiki we have as a basic principle the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which transmutes, balances, transforms our self being in a channel of light and love.





The Stellar Shamanic Reiki system is an autonomous system and it was developed to bring people new healing knowledge, exercises and techniques, through Reiki energy and Shaman energy (related to the 4 elements and the culture of our ancestors), the healing symbols and the connection with the cosmic vibration of the Masters and Hierarchies of Light.

Unlikely the traditional Reiki that is taught in three distinct steps (levels I, II and III), in the Stellar Shamanic Reiki line all these levels are transmitted directly to the person in just one module (and the mastership included), because it is assumed that the knowledge is right there inside each one of us, in our cell's quantum memory. It also intends to unify 3 Reiki systems specially: USUI + Magnificent Om Rom + Shamanic, in order to smooth and reveal new knowledge and helping the awakening of each person.

So, it is divided into two parts only:

I) Arousing the Stellar Shaman 

II) Arousing the Master of Light 

During the first part, in addition to all theoretical part about the concepts of Reiki, energy, subtle bodies, Shamanism, the Fraternities of Light and so on, it will be passed on the 20 symbols of physical and emotional healing, for environments, cleansing and distance use.

The training part will be conducted with the exchanging of Reiki in healing groups, circles of cure and experience with drum playing, Chanunpa pipe smoking circles, campfires and hiking on trails, whenever possible.

Still during this module the student will receive the activation of the electromagnetic frequencies of the symbols in order to be able to act in the physical and subtle bodies, starting from DNA, cellular network and then vibrational system.

After starting at the first level of Stellar Shamanic Reiki, the student will be able to self apply Reiki, as well as on other people, at the environment, animals and plants, through distance and to the planet. The 20 symbols may help in the following circumstances: -physical illnesses or conflicts, such as, AIDS, cancer, tumors, the flu, bone fractures, immune system improvement, among many others; -emotional issues, for instance, fears, anxieties, guilt, grief, sorrow; -energy issues, for example, balance of the chakras and stress reduction; -timeless, such as, acting in situations of the past or future and co-created concrete thoughts; -environmental, for instance, harmonization of your home and strengthening food, among others. It will be established a strong connection with planet Earth or Urantia and the ancestors and also a profound expansion of consciousness, with your Higher Self and your Holy Trina flame (Blue, Golden and Pink Rays of light that hold up any living creature).

During the second part - which is the mastership, the approach will be giving the students some advanced topics on subjects such as, ethereal surgery, applying crystals and symbols, using Radiesthesia as a diagnosis for Reiki and so on. We will go deep into both subjects, Shamanism and Cosmogenesis, in addition to receiving directions on how initiating other people, but only after a period of 1 year. During this last module the student will receive the remaining 13 symbols, being all part of the shamanic line.

Through the initiation into the mastership degree, the students will receive activation of their personal mérkabah and will be able to connect even deeper with the energy of the 4 elements, the ancestors and Stellar Masters. They will develop their third vision and their Christ Consciousness, opening a path to true awakening. After the mastership degree the students may continue their development through recycling, study groups and healing circles, among other possibilities, preparing then to initiate others into the Stellar Shamanic Reiki system, if this happens to be a personal aspiration.





Nowadays, considering the strong individual and planetary transformation, the Stellar Shamanic Reiki will allow thoughtful understandings, as well as a renovation in many of the limiting patterns that we carry along our soul journey. Therefore, the personal Modification becomes an important purpose in this course, as well as the vibrational expansion and the connection with the energy of the Stellar Masters and Shamans, who will give special support to this proposition. We may still highlight some other goals as follows:

•    Getting the person started into the Stellar Shamanic Reiki;

•    Introducing the symbols of USUI Reiki, Stellar Reiki and Shamanic Reiki, adding together 20 healing symbols;

•    Opening the healing channels and elevating the vibrational pattern of each person;

•    Connecting with Reiki's personal mentor;

•    Cleaning the invader energies from the energy field of each person;

•    Getting the person started into the Shaman and Stellar energy of the Fraternities of Light;

•    Reiki practicing, concepts and adjustment;

•    Cleaning the ancestral lineage of each participant.



During the two days of the course, we will be meeting in an intense atmosphere, where we'll be sharing various shamanic themes, as well as energy and the ascended masters' issues among others. All this energy will be directed to the individual and grouping modification and vibrational expansion. We will be making an exercise of Reiki in Group and for the planet, dynamic meditations in addition to the study of the 20 healing symbols that each person will receive on its initiation and will already be able to use day by day.

During the course, as a part of the Shamanic line, a few healing objects will be used, such as, the Chanunpa pipe and musical instruments as the drum and the maraca for many toccatas. We will be connecting the Shaman and the Stellar beings energy in order to have the initiation of each person into Reiki. In addition to this, each one will receive cleansing (individual and ancestor) before getting the 20 healing symbols. During the gathering, we will be using shamanic letters and holding healing circles and Chanunpa pipe circles in order to be able to awaken the self-healer.



Many subjects will be discussed and dealt with throughout the course, but we will be giving emphasis to the exercise of Reiki and Shamanic ceremonies, as well as to the Fraternities and Stellar Commands and the use of Reiki symbols into the daily life of each person. Other topics as follows:

- The energy throughout the chakras;

- The energy throughout the chakras;

- Quantum Reiki and Light Reiki;

- Diseases and their origins;

- The meaning of the 20 healing symbols;

- The correct way of applying Reiki in the process of self-healing;

- Healing a fellow one, the planet and trough distance;

- Reiki instruments and Shamanic symbols;

- What chips and ethereal implants are and how to modify them through Reiki symbols;

- The Universal Fraternities of Light; 

- The Stellar Commands;

- The 7 light rays of the Ascended Masters;

- The healing and protection rays of light;

- Activation of your personal Mérkabah;

- Healing circles;

- Individual and group initiation.

It is more than a course ... It is an initiation, a reunion with your divine essence, shamanic and stellar... it is sharing with the loving energy that is inside each one of us...


Who Can Apply For Participating

Everyone who wishes to develop and help themselves and the planet, regardless their religious beliefs and schooling. Health professionals, therapists, teachers and professors are welcome as well.



Nazareno Sabino (Nahui Olin Tzintzin).

Who has developed the system "Stellar Shamanic Reiki" himself;

Electrical Engineer, MSc Industrial and Systems Engineering. Who is a Quantum and Floral Therapist with live experience in Shamanism, also being a Vision Seeker, Carrier of the Chanunpa pipe and Temazcal man authorized by the Sacred Fire of Brazil. Who has already been initiated in the lineage of Orisha Reiki, Tronados Reiki, Traditional Apometria, Shamanic and Quantum Apometria, Quantum Healing, Mastery of Souls, ThetaHealing and Melchizedek. Usui Reiki Master, Magnificent OM ROM and Stellar Shamanic.

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