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Portal Reiki Xamânico Estelar - Nazareno Sabino - Temazcal


Comunicamos que devido a situação atual Covid 19, todos os cursos, atividades e viagens programadas estão canceladas até a situação se normalizar.

The Temazcal ceremony is an opportunity to return to the Womb of the Great Mother and be touched directly by the Holy and so being able to be born again fully purified and healed.

It is a ceremony created by our ancestors in order to put us in connection with our own heart, with the energy of the 4 elements and with our ancestral memories.

It consists of entering into the tent as if we were inside the womb of mother Earth. Then, as the hot stones are being brought inside conducted by the man-of-fire, we start connecting with the silence and the warmth of our hearts.

When the door is closed, we all stay in complete Union with the Holiness, with chants, drums and prayers that each person may be doing. As the doors start being opened, more stones are brought inside at the same time that we can feel the sweet smell of Guaiacum Sanctum root and lavender, sage and cedar as well, also being touched and consumed by the heat of the "elder" hot stones.

In every moment we feel the connection with our essence and the vibration of the chanting and instruments touching our soul, everything in complete harmony with the Great Spirit and in complete Union with everyone inside the tent/inipi.

At a certain point we share the word, the expression, and the prayers and then we realize the simplicity that all this Union is. The contact with the soil, with the water, with the heat and the scent of herbs all lead us to integration with our primal essence - or shaman, as some would say.

At the end of the ceremony we leave by the same door that we have entered, but with the feeling of a rebirth, much lighter, more authentic and loving human beings.

During this work, the heat touches us in such a way that we release emotions and energies stuck to our energy system and chakras, as well as doing a deep purification of toxins, vibrational expansion and relaxation.

This tent is connected with the 4 doors, the 4 elements and with the 4 directions, it receives with an open heart everyone, children or elderly people, without distinction of race, religion, sex or age.

And also in the vibration of the chanting, in the heat of the stones, at the sound of the instruments and in the silence of our heart, we enter in deep harmony with our Self Being, with mother Earth and with the Great Mystery ... and, as the song says itself:


Dear "elder" hot stones thank you so much, thank you so much.

Dear "elder" hot stones thank you so much, thank you so much

For opening my hearth to be healed, for opening me to love.

For opening my hearth to be healed, for opening me to love.



Nazareno Sabino (Nahui Olin Tzintzin).

Temazcal man Authorized by the Sacred Fire of Brazil.


What to bring:

Women: skirt, swimsuit and some cover-up clothing.

Men: shorts or swimsuit.

Everyone should bring dry clothes and towel.


Those who wish may bring bread, biscuits or fruits to eat after the Ceremony.

Note: Women in their period are honored;

however they may give support from outside the tent only.