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Portal Reiki Xamânico Estelar - Nazareno Sabino - Who I am

Who I am

Nazarene Sabino (Nahui Olin Tzintzin).
Co-creator of "Star Shamanic Reiki" system; Apometry XamânicaEstelar and Initiation Mikhael-Archangel Michael.

Born in Santa Catarina, Electrical Engineer, MSc Industrial Engineering and Systems.

Speaker, Quantum Therapist and floral with practical experience in shamanism, and seeker of vision carrier and xanupa temazcaleiro.
With Orisha initiations in Reiki, Tronados, Apometry-Traditional Shamanic and Quantum, Quantum Healing, Aura Reading, Mastery of Souls, Melchizedek and ThetaHealing among other line.

Usui Reiki Master, Magnified and Shamanic Stellar OM ROM.

Guide to Sacred Journeys to Peru and Mexico.